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Protect green tea’s various characteristics.

In Japan, we often find green teas as pet bottle beverages in recent years and they have given us a great influence to make the green tea as a part of our everyday life.

On the other hand, less people make tea from tea leaves these days.

It may be difficult to make tea from tea leaves because it requires tools such as tea pots, cups and of course “time”which does not convince busy modern people.


However, you can experience the quintessence of the green tea only by making tea from tea leaves. Flavor, colour tone and aroma of the green tea vary depending on the tea varieties, regions, growing environments, producers, tea making methods and how it’s extracted.

Green tea is such a unique and profound beverage.

We would like everyone to experience the green tea from various regions and producers to taste the differences. We hope our tea products will encourage to create a bright future for the industry.

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