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Protect your mind and health by the power of green tea.

A lot of people nowadays are rushed to their work, school and house works in their everyday life and often forget to make a time to rest and relax.

We are wishing to deliver a quality time for everyone with our Sayama tea.


The green tea leaves contain “Catechin”which has antioxidative and bactericidal effects. Also, other elements “Theanine” and its aroma have a relaxing effect. Although we believe the most important thing is sharing a moment with someone you love, family and close friends with a cup of green tea.

Sayama is located in the northern limit of green tea production as an industry. Due to its severe winter, the tea leaves in this area contain a high amount of components and energy compared to green teas farmed in other regions.

Sasaraya is going to introduce our products to deliver relaxing moments to everyone who spends busy everyday life.

Share a precious time with a cup of green tea with your loved ones, and value  a moment to look back the day before going to sleep by having a cup of green tea.

We are wishing to be a part of your everyday life.

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