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Protect green tea farmers in our local “Miyadera”

Miyadera is known as an area where the Sayama tea restarted, and the central Sayama tea producing area for many decades.

In reality, farmers in this area are seriously struggling with living on the green tea business.

Also, a lot of them are worried about finding young people who are willing to take over their family business. Unfortunately, this situation leads giving up on their business.


A lot of farmers in this area cannot well treat their ancestral farm and give up it with an aching heart.

Sasaraya is wishing all of the Sayama tea farmers in Miyadera to have a hope for their future.

We are going to focus on the products harvested from our farms and post events and activities happening at our site.

All those experiences and knowledge which we are expecting to gain for the next few years, we would like to share that with other producers and hoping that will help to make the industry better.

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